Welcome to Wipe the fathers Tears Ministries. This organization was born on April 22, 2002 when the Chief Servant in this assignment, Ogechi B. Ononuju, had an encounter with God at night at age 19. Just like Jacob encountered God and discovered who he truly was, that night in 2002, Oge (as she prefers being called) discovered her purpose for existence – to wipe the Father’s tears by intervening as led of God in any situation that has the potential of putting the slightest frown or drop of tears on the face our God and Father who she fondly and intimately refers to as “My FATHER”.

It is my desire to help you discover your purpose for living if you have not already and to join hands with you in fulfilling that purpose which you have discovered.

For without purpose, man is no different from a mere animal that just moves about, satisfies its needs/wants, procreates and sooner or later dies and rots away or is killed for food, etc.